Mallory Mariano was born and raised in the Vancouver BC. This site represents her foray into what she considers ‘soft literary criticism’. Mallory has always adored the past-time of reading, beginning in her childhood and adolescence. After picking up If We Were Villains by M.L. Rio in 2021, Mallory has since invested thousands of hours to the pastime, while constantly searching to emulate the exact hit of dopamine – a high if you will – in all the hundreds of books she has picked up since. While an exclusively fiction reader, her tastes span a wide variety of genres, spanning from literary/general fiction, psychological thrillers, contemporary romance, historical fiction, high/epic fantasy, and the like. As an appreciator of story and with no feasible vessel to pour her thoughts into on the many novels she has since read and loved, After Dark with Mallory is her attempt at encapsulating the countless floating thoughts and opinions perusing her mind.

In short, some of the reviews you may find on After Dark with Mallory may appear formal and or well-thought out in composition and analysis, while others may represent a colloquial leniency. Indeed, the title of the site itself is an homage to the tendencies and habits ingrained in Mallory as a reader, wherein those first few years of discovering books were usually done in the solitude of her bedroom, after the lights have dimmed and the day has wound down. She aims to bridge a gap with visitors of the site by being as forthright and engaging in her written reviews, in the hopes of inspiring someone to ponder the bounds of their comfort zones. To pick up that book. To see that concert. To go to that event. To return that invite. To embark on that business venture. To travel to that country or city. To reach out to that person.

Her primary contact information is listed in the header of the site. While she does religiously maintain a GoodReads account for all her current reads (as any devout reader does), she has decided to keep her account private for now.

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