Process Post #1

written and posted Sept 25 by Mallory Mariano

Q: Write a blog post about the installation and setup work you did this week: your decisions, your rationales; make sure you link out to at least a couple of other resources. How does what you’ve created so far relate to the vision board you made last week? Sort your Process Post under either a Category or Tag for ‘posiel’ so you can collect them later.

Okay, lets talk about the incredibly gruelling process of getting the “basics” of my site up and functional. And I do mean that. The process was absolutely, utterly gruelling. I fought the urge to pull my hair out on many many occasions, and I am still not 100% sure how everything will turn out in turns of both functionality and design (although for the latter…the current shape of the site is quite satisfactory, for now).

I knew intrinsically that I wanted my site to have design similarities to the Pintrest user-interface. Incredibly simple, with a predominantly vertical orientation. Rectangular blocks fill in the space with pictures that capture a feminine aesthetic. Large typography that at the very least indicate the brand/name of the site. You would think that these capitulations would be…fairly easy to look for when designing a wordpress site — but unfortunately, I did struggle.

The amount of choices for themes on WordPress….overwhelming, to say the least. But finding a specific theme that meets ally my particular specifications? I worked on my blog yesterday for a solid five to six hours just trying to figure out specific themes and how they would fit my vision.

Some key words that I came up with when writing my Ven Diagram include the following:



Soft-Green/Sage Gree


Looking at the current state of my site (as of writing this post on Sept 25), I am quite pleased where things stand right now. I know that I will need to work on figuring out how the create specific menus/pages and just organization overall. But in terms of setting up the foundation, I am quite pleased with how things look right now.

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